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Hawkes accepts only a short final answer and knows only one solution method!

Two Hawkes students solve a motion problem on yellow paper below.  Each makes a minor error and enters only an incorrect final answer.  Hawkes’ one “correct” method (visible by scrolling down) requires using two variables named x and y and then solves  x+y=5.5  for y.  Its later steps therefore differ from these students’ steps.  Hawkes’ ignorance of its students’ actual steps makes properly targeted help impossible!

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Hawkes Problem with solns reduced corrected

Three subsequent screens (not shown) imply that the ONLY CORRECT SOLUTION:
   (1) requires two variables,
   (2) requires using x as the first part time and y as the second part time, and
   (3) must then begin by solving the first equation for y.
Due to (3) above, Hawkes’ steps beginning with its last underlined equation below are completely different from either student’s steps.
Hawkes’ one correct solution (below at left) helps neither student find the actual error in his or her next-to-last line.

Hawkes Problem Solution Reduced and Underlined corrected
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