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Updating (from 7.0 or 7.0x) to xyAlgebra 7.02 or xySolver 7.03.

Update Facts  (Suggestion: print this entire page for reference when updating)

The updated versions implement the following changes since version 7.0:
  1. Significantly improve randomization in the selection of xyAlgebra problems, coefficients, variables. etc.
  2. Fix a bug in xyAlgebra item C.47 that caused some correct answers to be deemed incorrect.
  3. Silence a spurious beep emitted when some xyAlgebra equations were first posed on screen.
  4. Improve alignment of equal signs in equations when the solution involves an “OR” statement.
  5. Avoid program termination when xySolver helps obtain intermediate expressions in “age” problems.

Item 1. above is potentially serious so updating may be important to many instructors! Students using xyAlgebra 7.0 and 7.01 can sometimes obtain answers from one another or by re-running instructional items.  An individual user just trying to learn algebra is unlikely to notice any change due to item 1.
Items 2-4 are relatively minor.
Item 5 is very annoying but relatively infrequent, affecting only verbal problems involving ages and only in one type of optional operation.

NOTE: XyManager 7.0 has not changed, and is fully compatible with xyAlgebra 7.02 and xySolver 7.03.

Two ways to update an ongoing xyAlgebra installation.

A.  Quick Update Procedure (simpler, avoids reconfiguration, but assumes familiarity with the Windows Control Panel for uninstalling programs and with Windows Explorer or (My) Computer or File Explorer to inspect dates and copy files).

Method: The idea is first to download and then to copy the NEW EXECUTABLE STUDENT PROGRAMS ONLY to your CURRENT STUDENT PROGRAM FOLDERS, replacing your previous executable programs.  From there the new programs can access your current configuration and student files.  Your current copy of xyManager 7.0, if any, remains unchanged.

1. Install the latest student program(s). From the Download page, run the installer programs for only those student programs for which you are not already using the latest version.  Use the default locations (C:\xyAlgebra 7.02  and/or  C:\xySolver 7.03). This creates new folder(s) with those name(s) and installs the latest version(s) of the student program(s) and their default configuration files.

2. Copy (do not “move”) the new executable student programs xyAlgebra.exe (dated 8/31/2013) and/or xySolver.exe (dated 9/23/2014), installed in step 1. above, to the folder(s) containing your current versions (default location: C:\xyAlgebra 7.x  and/or  C:\xySolver 7.x).  Verify that you are replacing an earlier .exe file with the most recent .exe file of that same name.  DO NOT MOVE, MODIFY OR DELETE ANY OTHER FILES IN YOUR CURRENT STUDENT PROGRAM FOLDERS.

3. Open the Windows Control Panel.  Under the Programs option, uninstall the latest student program versions that you installed in step 1. above.  Do not uninstall  the earlier version(s), as these are now your updated versions.

Note: The desktop icons for your student programs will still indicate that they are the older versions, but when they are run, the updated version numbers will appear on both the startup screen and the copyright screen.  You can edit the icon names if desired.

B.  Brute Force Update Procedure (best done between semesters when students are absent).

Method: Download, install and configure the latest versions of all your needed xyAlgebra programs.

1. Install or reinstall from the Download Page the latest versions of each of the programs you currently use (xyManager 7.0, xyAlgebra 7.02 and/or xySolver 7.03).  IMPORTANT: To avoid conflicts, select destination folders whose names differ from those of your existing folders, e.g. tell the installer to use a new name, such as “C:\xyManager 7.0 Update 2014” instead of the default.

2. Configure the entire package.  To begin this process, run the new “Update 2014” copy of xyManager 7.0 from the folder assigned above.  It will automatically begin initialization.  Be sure to update the Manager File from the copy in your old xyManager 7.0 folder.  Then use the updated xyManager 7.0 program to configure your updated student programs in their respective “Update20214” folders..  While configuring your new versions, you can still run your previous version of xyManager to review your previous configuration preferences, if necessary.

3. (Optional): You may want to uninstall the older versions, using the Windows Control Panel, or at least delete the desktop icons for those earlier versions of the programs.

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