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What is xyStories?

  • XyStories 1.4 is a free stand-alone Windows program covering verbal problems solvable using linear equation(s).
  • Unlike the big commercial programs, XyStories accepts step-by-step solutions, supports all reasonable solution methods, and provides help as needed at any step of any acceptable solution!
  • Version 1.4 includes 18 problem forms generating hundreds of randomized problems.
  • Faculty can add problem forms (but this is not trivial; please e-mail the author if you are interested).
  • XyStories does not track student progress, although a student can save a copy of completed problems.
  • XyStories is independent of xyAlgebra 7.0.
  • XyStories was written as a demo to show how publishers should be supporting verbal problems!
  • Feedback from actual student use would be interesting, useful and much appreciated!.  See Author.

        Compare xyStories and Pearson.                     Compare xyStories and Hawkes.

To try xyStories 1.4 free of charge, see the Download Page.  Students may also freely download it from there.

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